The Smart Fit brand has expanded across Latin America since
Diogo Corona took control in 2016. Corona’s appointment as COO was the latest
installment of a meteoric rise
 that began with an internship. The Brazilian
entrepreneur was promoted from intern to COO in six years after graduating with
a Business Administration degree. Corona sees physical activity  as a lifestyle
choice and makes it a regular part of his daily routine. The development of a
 community has become the goal of Corona as he embarks on a new era with
the Brazilian gym brand. 

Diogo Corona believes there is a lot to be said for routine.
The daily routine of Corona includes early morning workout classes at the Smart
Fit campus
 close to his office in Brazil. The COO believes the short, intense
workouts his brand has developed are the perfect way of starting each day.
Routine plays a role in every aspect of Corona’s life, including his daily walk
to the office and late nights at work. The business leader  tries to stay at his
desk until after nine each night, with the weekends left for fun and more
workout time. 

Spending so much time at work and in the Smart
Fit gym helps Diogo Corona stay on top of the latest fitness trends . The COO
explains he has seen a shift toward strength development instead of cardio
exercises. Corona has seen his gym members shift toward weightlifting and
strength-based exercises
. Diogo Corona is hoping to help gym members work on
their mental health as they move toward the development of stronger muscles and
improved aesthetics.

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