The Smart Fit brand of gyms  has grown across Latin America.
Diogo Corona plays two roles in the gym sector : COO and CEO. Corona is the COO
of Smart Fit and acts as CEO of the wellness brand Total Pass. These twin roles
show the drive for perfection of a business leader who began his journey in the
fitness and wellness  sector as an intern. 


Diogo Corona has risen from the role of administrative
intern to reach the highest executive level  at the Latin American fitness
brand. The rise from being an intern has given Corona a glimpse into the many
aspects of the fitness sector that require his focus. At the end of his
academic career, Dorona stayed with Smart Fit to continue his work in the
industry. The financial requirements  of the fitness sector remain vital for a
business leader  who spent a short period as an analyst at Unibanco.

Corona and Smart Fit at Youtube:

The fitness brands managed by Diogo Corona have
been through a period of rapid expansion driven by his desire to change how the
sector operates. Corona has been at the heart of the evolution of the fitness
sector in Brazil and Latin America. Both brands have benefited from Corona’s
decision to enhance the use of technology, which has been at the heart of the
rise of Total Pass. The fitness and wellness sector combines traditional
physical activity and the latest technology. Diogo Corona has been at the heart
of expanding the gym brands across Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Chile.
Corona’s work continues with multiple subsidiaries to bring physical fitness to
as many people as possible.