Diogo Corona sits at the head of the largest gym network in
, which is expanding across Latin America. Corona began his career with
the Smart Fit gym brand and continues to develop the sector in Latin America.
Along with the gym network, Corona is the leader of the Total Pass corporate
wellness brand that continues to grow across the continent. 

Total Pass has taken a large amount of the time and effort
of Diogo Corona over the last few years. The brand was established as a
companion to Smart Fit, with Corona taking inspiration from leading corporate
wellbeing brands across the U.S. Corona’s initial idea was to bring together
multiple gym networks under the Total Pass umbrella, but the reluctance of some
networks to join led to Total Pass focusing solely on Corona’s network. 

Corona makes sure he takes advantage of the workouts
available through the Smart Fit brand, which he describes as short and focused.
Each day begins with a workout to ensure he remains fit and healthy in his
stressful position. Each day is spent at the office, which makes Corona’s early
morning workouts important. The success of the gym network in Latin America has
grown since Corona’s early days working as an intern in the sector.  

For Diogo Corona, work and exercise remain vital
to the success of his life and career. As Corona expands his career and heads
one of the largest gym networks in Latin America, the success he continues to
achieve marks him out as a business leader to watch in the future.

Corona and Smart Fit at Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6BHoU3To4E